What About Windows XP Password Forgot

Question:  Help me please. I forgot my Windows XP password last night and I need to access my computer right now. I have many inportant files in it.  Is there any agent help?

Answer1:  Here i’ll recommend you three way to find out your windows XP password:

firstly, if you have left a hint when you created the password you can try enter the password a few times and the hint will appear (vista, windows 7,xp) and might remind you what the password is.

secondly, if you have created a password reset disk berfore you forgot Windows XP password carelessly, you can recover the previous password with this disk.

thirdly, if you couldn’t get back your account with those two methods above, then you’ll have to use some softwares to get back your windows XP password.

Enter a computer that can link to Internet. Google SmartKey Windows Password Recovery for password recovery. With Windows Password Recovery, you can create a reset CD which can be multiple used to reset windows admin password without erasing anything.

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Answer 2: Of course, there exists a great deal of methods of Windows XP password recovery, including logging in with an available admin account, creating a password recovery disk or using some Windows password recovery tools. Now you can check out the methods one by one:

Method one: Logging in Windows XP with an available admin account to recover Windows XP  password

Methods two: Creating a password recovery disk to recover the Windows XP password, by this methods, you need create a Windows password reset disk before you have lost or forgotten your Windows admin password.

Method three: Using Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery software to recover Windows XP password

Method four : Recover Windows password with freeware – Ophcrack and Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.’

Top 4 Efficient Methods to hack Windows XP Password Instantly – All about the password recovery and password reset solutions. Hope this information make means for you!

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