Windows 8 Password Recovery

It is said that many Windows fans begin to install Windows 8 into their computer after Windows 8 release.  Steve Ballmer said that Win 8 system has sold 4 million after its coming to the market.  From this number we realize that it is a good beginning, however, think about the general goal of four hundred million, Microsoft still has a long way to go.

At the same time, we have to pay attention to the privacy of these Windows 8 users.  Many customers have lost their login password after using last Windows 7 version.  Therefore, we are going to talk about Windows 8 password recovery ( and prepare the possible solution for you to refer. And if you have any better ideas, welcome to share with us.

If you would like to recover Windows 8 password quickly and easily, we strongly introduce Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery Enhance for you. Windows Password Recovery Enhance is a powerful password recovery tool designed for resetting lost or forgotten Windows administrator, other users and server password. With a bootable CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive, you can easily reset the lost password and get access to your computer. You can follow the below steps for the USB recovery process.

Step1. Create a Windows password recovery disk with USB flash drive

1. Download the demo edition or purchase the full edition of Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery (here is the download link)Enhance online, install it in any available computer (not from PC you want to unlock). Then start to run Windows Password Recovery Enhance.

2. Insert a blank USB flash drive to computer, and then select your target devices. Click “Burn” button to start burning an ISO image file to USB flash drive.  In the pop-up window, select “Yes” to go on creating.

3. The Windows password recovery bootable USB flash drive has been created successfully, click “OK” to finish the operation.

Step2. Set your target computer to boot from CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive

1.  Insert the burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive to your locked computer. Start computer and press “F2”,”F10” or “Delete” to enter BIOS setup.

Note: The key pressed to enter BIOS is different based on manufacturers, but F2, F10 or Delete are the most common keys.

2. Use the arrow keys to select Boot tab, and then select Boot Device Priority and press Enter.  In Boot Device Priority, if you are using bootable CD/DVD, please select 1st Boot Device to CD-ROM, and then press F10 to save setting. If you are using USB Flash Drive, please choose 1st Boot Device to USB, and then press F10 to save setting. Now your computer will start with the changed settings automatically.

Note:  If you are using bootable CD/DVD, you can refer to BIOS Setting for CD/DVD to learn how to reboot your computer from CD/DVD. If you are using bootable USB Flash Drive, please refer to BIOS Setting for USB Flash Drive to learn how to reboot your computer from USB Flash Drive.

Step3. Recover lost or forgotten Windows 8 password with the burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive

1. Select Windows 8 installation you would like to reset the password, and then click “Next” button.

2. Select the user account whose password you want to remove and click “Next” to proceed.

Note: You will see all user names of your accounts are displayed with the passwords showing protected or empty. Protected means you have a password for the user name, maybe you lost it. Empty means you do not have password for the user name, you can login the account without password.

3. You recover windows 8 password successfully. Click “Reboot” to restart your computer and login Windows system without any password.

Note: Please eject the CD/DVD or USB flash drive before restarting your computer.

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