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How to Crack Password of Windows 10

The problem about how to crack password of Windows 10 since app to install in pendrive is much common in recent days. The solutions that I know to fix that case is below.

To crack Windows 10 password with Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key is such a software that can help you reset all versions Windows password several minutes. So you don’t need to worry about Windows password lost or forgot any more.
Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key on any accessible computer.

Step 2: Using the prepared CD/DVD or USB disk to burn Windows password key on it, then insert the newly created disk to the computer that you need to crack password.
Step 3: Choosing the account that you need to crack password and then restart the computer. You have reset the password successfully.

windows password key enterprise-4

How to remove Windows 10 password on Official Version

Step 1: Before the official start of cracks, we need to use “U Master” or other launch of U disk boot U disk production tools to create a tool with PE. At the same time set the U disk boot in CMOS.
Step 2: You need to insert a U disk from the boot disk until the computer from the U disk boot automatically into the start menu, choose “Run Windows login password cracking menu” items or “system user login password cracking” and other related items.

Step 3: Then select from the open of the new interface “Clear Windows login password” item, and press Enter to confirm the action.
Step 4: From the opening “Windows System Password Clear” screen, enter “1” to select the partition where the Windows system.

windows 10
Step 5: Next, select the partition Windows 10 official version of the system from where the “logical drives list”, just type the corresponding number and click “Enter” to confirm the completion of the operation.
Step 6: After selecting the corresponding system where the drive, “Windows system password removal” tool will automatically search for relevant “SAM” database file.

Step 7: When the corresponding SAM database file is found, it will be automatically listed, as shown, then press the “Enter” key to continue.
Step 8: Next, the “User List” interface, according to the searched SAM database files, all user accounts associated with it, select the user name you want to crack.

Step 9: From the open “account account parameters” screen, use the cursor to “clear the user’s password” option, press “Y” key on the keyboard to save the changes.
Step 10: Finally, “Windows system password cracking” tool will automatically break the official version of Windows 10 operating system login password, while “User properties have been successfully modified” prompt, press any key to exit. Then restart the computer, you can visit the official version of Windows 10 system it.

That’s all for you to learn how to fix common issues about Windows 10. Especially about how to crack password on Windows 10 easily.