How to Bypass Windows Username and password on Windows 7 Enterprise with Network Commands

When you met the trouble of Windows 7 username or password lost, how can you bypass it? Or do you know how to bypass Windows 7 username and password enterprise with network commands in simple way. A guide as below can teach us more about it.

How to bypass Windows username and password with network commands

Step1: You can click the Start menu, open All Programs – Accessories, locate a command prompt and Run as administrator, and then at the command line net use * / del, use * / delete remote connection, if you just want to delete a specific remote connection, use of specific methods using the command net use.
Step2: For the use of the “Remember my password” users, but also delete the stored Windows 7 user name and password, the User Account Control Panel -> Hanging user -> Manage my network passwords stored user name and password, delete the corresponding network path.

Step3: Open IE, in turn IE | Tools | Internet Options | Content | AutoComplete | Clear Forms and Clear Passwords can be.
Step4: To click the Start menu, open the Run, type regedit in the run to open the Registry Editor, expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Services \ RasMan \ Parameters \ DisableSavePassword, change it to 0.
Remember compared display network password check box.

Actually to say, this method is much complex to those users that do not know any computer programs.

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How to delete a saved Windows7 share username and password

Step1: Under normal circumstances, we enter “\\ IP address \ shared directory” or through Windows Explorer “network” access to shared disk time, Windows will be prompted to enter the shared user name and password in Windows Explorer, in order to avoid duplication enter the shared user name and password, we will generally choose the “Remember my credentials”, so that the next visit, do not need to re-enter.

Step2: But when we visited the shared disk to modify the shared user name or password, Windows is not known. So when we re-access to shared resources, Windows will prompt does not have access, because before Windows is still trying to use us to save the user name and password to connect to shared resources.
Step3: We need to share resources previously saved user credentials removed, and then re-visit, you can enter a new username password. To delete the saved user credentials, we first open the Windows “Control Panel” from the Start menu.

Step4: In the “Control Panel”, go to the “User Accounts” subkey, select “Manage your credentials,” open the “Credential Manager” window.
Step5: In the “Credential Manager” window, we can see all the authentication credentials saved in the Windows 7. We choose to delete the IP address of the computer or the credentials NAS shared disk, as in this case “”, then select “Remove from the vault.”

Step6: In the dialog box, select “Yes”, before you delete saved credentials of the Windows share. After you have removed the need to restart the computer to take effect, after the restart you can enter a new Windows 7 user name and password to access the share.

How to bypass Windows 7 password With Windows Password Key

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Windows Password Key, a much popular Windows password recovery tool on Google. It can help you bypass Windows 7 lost or forgot password in efficient way. See more as below.
Step1: Download and install Windows Password Key on a useful computer.

Step2: Using a useful CD/DVD or USB to burn Windows Password Key on it , and then insert the newly created disk on your Windows 7 password.
Step3: Running Windows Password Key on your computer and choose the Windows 7 account that you want to bypass its password. Then restart the computer. The password was bypass.

Which information is best for you to learn how to bypass Windows 7 username and password in easy way? You should make own decision. Good luck.

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