Forgot Dell Inspiron Password Is Not The End of The World

Question:  Hello to all, I haven’t been here in a while. A little backround.  I have two Inspiron 1526 laptops. One is in good working order, the other took a can of soda a while back that I have kept around for spare parts which I have needed from time to time (kids!).

I thought, hey, why not try and find a used 1525/1526 that may need to be repaired with the parts I have left laying around! A few weeks later, Craigslist, and $50, I buy a 1525 that powers up, but has a blank screen. I have a spare screen, but I’ve seen this problem before with the 1526, so we tear it down and replace the CMOS battery. $3 later and now the screen works, but it wants a bios password. And I forgot password Dell Inspiron carelessly.

A couple days later the previous owner actually delivers with the bios password, but now it wants a HDD pasword. I contact the previous owner again who says they never set this password.

I have removed all the password settings in the bios (revision A13) to no avail. I have tried another hard drive (the spare 1526 one), but it still asks for a HDD password.  I’ve tried Google, but don’t see much other than, ‘You can pay Dell for a master pw’, ‘Dell doesn’t have a master pw for the HDD’, and ‘You can pay us $XX and we’ll give you the password or your money back, honest’. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Answer 2:  The users of Dell Inspiron rapidly rise with the popular of Dell Inspiron. Maybe you are one of them. Dell Inspiron is real a good type of Dell computer, but you still have to type the Administrator password to logon your computer for security and privacy. Once you forgot or lost your Windows password, how to recover Dell password quickly and easily? Whatever kind of Dell Inspiron Windows user you are, you can change forgotten Windows password with Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery solutions below:

[1]. Download Windows Password Recovery along with burn up .iso document to a bootable CD/DVD/Universal Serial Bus with an offered PC.
[2]. Trunk the prospective laptop or computer through Disc/Digital Video Disc/USB.
[3]. Restore lost password dell inspiron with all the used up Compact Disk/DVD/USB.

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