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Christmas Surprise With SmartKey Windows Password Recovery

Quesion: Help with administrator password reset (Windows 7)

Is there a way to reset the administrator password in Windows 7 without having saved the old password on the “Password Reset Wizard”? I have had this computer with this software since it was introduced, and I have never had to backup passwords on a disc. My administrator password expired in June, and this is the only reset option I’m given. Help please!

Answer:  Actually it’s not difficult to solve your Windows 7 password recovery problem. As for me, I have met some problems like you but finally I overcome it with SmatKey,although it is so easy as first. And I really thankful for this wonderful tool. Now let me tell you something about it.

SmartKey is short for SmartKey Windows Password Recovery here. More likely than not, you’ve frequently experienced the most basic and frustrating problem: forgetting Windows administrator login password. With no way to get into the system, you couldn’t even perform basic maintenance, let alone a thorough tune-up. Reinstalling Windows is always an option as a last resort.

With SmartKey Windows Password Recovery (click here to know details) tool, you can easily reset forgotten administrator and other user account password for Windows 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 system. As long as you have physical access to the machine, you are able to reset your forgotten administrator password by creating a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install, run the program on a unlocked computer.

Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive with the program.

Step 3: Reset Windows password by the burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive.

What’s more, it can be an excellent SmartKey Windows Password Recovery (click this to download)once you lost your windows password.  It contains three versions — Standard, Professional and Enterprise but the Smartkey Windows Password Recovery Enterprise is hot with comprehensive function.

During this Christmas time you can enjoy the lower price than usual.Don’t hesitate to use SmartKey Windows Password Recovery to recover lost password when you lost it.  May you a Merry Christmas!

Forgot Dell Inspiron Password Is Not The End of The World

Question:  Hello to all, I haven’t been here in a while. A little backround.  I have two Inspiron 1526 laptops. One is in good working order, the other took a can of soda a while back that I have kept around for spare parts which I have needed from time to time (kids!).

I thought, hey, why not try and find a used 1525/1526 that may need to be repaired with the parts I have left laying around! A few weeks later, Craigslist, and $50, I buy a 1525 that powers up, but has a blank screen. I have a spare screen, but I’ve seen this problem before with the 1526, so we tear it down and replace the CMOS battery. $3 later and now the screen works, but it wants a bios password. And I forgot password Dell Inspiron carelessly.

A couple days later the previous owner actually delivers with the bios password, but now it wants a HDD pasword. I contact the previous owner again who says they never set this password.

I have removed all the password settings in the bios (revision A13) to no avail. I have tried another hard drive (the spare 1526 one), but it still asks for a HDD password.  I’ve tried Google, but don’t see much other than, ‘You can pay Dell for a master pw’, ‘Dell doesn’t have a master pw for the HDD’, and ‘You can pay us $XX and we’ll give you the password or your money back, honest’. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Answer 1:  Do not ask for, offer to supply, or post links to, copies of commercial software, MP3s, movies, CD Keys, Product Keys, Serial Numbers, etc. or other intellectual property for which you do not hold the copyright. Do not post full copies of copyrighted articles from elsewhere on the Internet, post a link to the article instead.

You may discuss how to install and get any Peer to Peer Network program to work. This includes Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, and Limewire, just to name a few. However, any discussions on how to circumvent copy protection, obtaining any kind of illegal software, MP3’s, movies, etc., will be removed without notice. Do not ask for or submit ways or means to bypass or remove computer passwords afte you lost password Dell Inspiron by accident.

Answer 2:  The users of Dell Inspiron rapidly rise with the popular of Dell Inspiron. Maybe you are one of them. Dell Inspiron is real a good type of Dell computer, but you still have to type the Administrator password to logon your computer for security and privacy. Once you forgot or lost your Windows password, how to recover Dell password quickly and easily? Whatever kind of Dell Inspiron Windows user you are, you can change forgotten Windows password with Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery solutions below:

[1]. Download Windows Password Recovery along with burn up .iso document to a bootable CD/DVD/Universal Serial Bus with an offered PC.
[2]. Trunk the prospective laptop or computer through Disc/Digital Video Disc/USB.
[3]. Restore lost password dell inspiron with all the used up Compact Disk/DVD/USB.

How to Reset Password on Acer Laptop

Acer password reset should be used with regard to variety of acer laptop users. In case didn’t remember acer private password following a end of the week or getaway or types of motives, to eliminate acer security password will be troubled for people to find techniques regarding Acer password recovery properly. Today, we talk about a couple of questions about how to reset password on Acer laptop in particulars.

Problem 1: Is there Acer healing hard drive?

Few of us could have the particular acer password reset drive acquire made just before all of us misplaced password. That is certainly to say, we ought to generate this specific reset disc as we arranged security password for our acer computer. Whenever we did not remember acer password, we are able to remove it and employ it help us recover acer mobile computer security password. Today, you can carry out while following measures to create a private data recovery drive (consider acer Windows XP because illustration):

[1]. Start – Control Panel – User Accounts – account name locked.

[2]. Underneath Associated Jobs, click Stop a forgotten about password.

[3]. Create a pass word totally reset hard drive using your Forgotten Password Wizard. Eliminate Acer pass word while using made disk.

[4]. Click on the username if we enter in the Windows logon user interface and click Enter as private password package looks.

[5]. Simply click “use your pass word reset disk”. The Password Reset Wizard starts and Next.

[6]. Place the particular password recast drive, after which it Next.

[7]. Sort a brand new pass word within the “Type a new password” container and in the confirm box. Then you definitely have finished your steps involving Acer password reset properly.

Problem 2: Is actually Windows security password recovery computer software the most useful means?

One of the most time savings and successful means for Acer password recovery (more at here)is with professional totally reset application. Including the popular Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery, it could keep our files secure as well as recover security password swiftly without strategy and special knowledge. Exactly what is the more, quite a few pertaining to sorts of Windows edition even the Windows Server 2003, 2008 domain security password. Just 3 speedy methods:

One. Obtain Windows Password Recovery Enhance coming from a good obtainable laptop or computer;

Two. Install it and also burn off the particular ISO image record to your clear Compact Disc/Digital Video Disc as well as USB memory card;

Three. Reset Acer password with the burnt Compact Disc/DVD or even USB memory card.

The above mentioned a couple of options for Acer password reset can be employed by acer pc owners. Preserve all of them and reveal these with buddies near you. They shall be useful in case you forgot password for Acer laptop one day.

Far Away From Forgetting Computer Password

Do you have the habit of changing a computer password on a regular basis? My sister often changes her Windows login password and the last time she changed it was at last night. The next morning, when starting up, Windows asks her for a password. She cannot remember what the password has changed to and now she is locked out of her computer. Thus how to reset computer password turns out to be a problem.

Usually, as for the similar circumstance, people are prior suggested to try hard to recall the changed password. Actually it does work sometimes, since people often have short-term memory loss when they are under high pressure or after a long vacation. However, such kind of short-term memory loss can be restored somehow. What you need to do is to have a coffee, take a snap and by chance you will find you suddenly remember your lost computer password. Well, if this method doesn’t work, you may have to find some other ways to get computer password reset.

Whether if there is another admin account available for you? If your answer is certain, just log on to the admin account and go to start button, and then enter lusrmgr.msc in the search box and press Enter to reset computer password running on Windows OS. Whether you have ever created a Windows password reset disk in advance? If you have one, just use this created disk to reset Windows password.

However, all these above methods have the possibility to fail to work. Here, I recommend to you one software to reset Windows password. That is Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery software which works professionally and powerfully on computer password reset. Regardless of any situation before the moment you forgot computer password, just hand over the rest trouble to this versatile software.  It suppots both Windows opreating system and Mac operating system and you can refer to the following steps on how to reset password on computer quickly and easily:

Step 1: Download Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery software and install it on an accessible computer.
Step 2: Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive into the accessible computer to burn a bootable Windows password reset disk.
Step 3: Reset computer password by inserting the created disk into the locked computer.

Right now, you are able to gain access to your locked computer again. Look back to this software, it contains sorts of advantages.

First of all, it is easy to use, all you need to do is preparing a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive and an accessible computer. Of course, it will be a little more complex than the Windows password reset disk, because you must download this tool on the accessible computer, sometimes we may not find this usable computer at once, but you can finish all the process in several minutes after you download the software.

Second, it is compatible with all Windows and Mac systems. That’s to say, whether you want to reset Windows password on Windows XP/Vista/7 or Windows server 2000/2003/2008 or Mac OS, it can do help.

Finally, it is perfectly safe. Unlike reinstalling the system, it won’t cause any damage to your PC.