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How to Format Sony VAIO Laptop Windows 8 without CD

“Everybody I need you to help with my Sony VAIO 14a26cg! I bought the laptop which is loaded with Windows 7 on 2013. After that my Windows updated to 8 since then I was using 8. Now the system telling me to activate Windows! Some of them suggested me to restore the laptop to factory settings. When I try to reset the pc it shows me this error ‘Can’t restore! Required drive partition is missing!’ Is there any possible solution for this? Someone help me please!!”

Sony VAIO is a kind of nice laptop series. Usually it pre-install with Windows system. However, sometimes, Sony users may need to format their personal computer because of Windows updating error. To format a laptop is not so difficult. You can format it with or without CD. Consequently, in this article, we are going to discuss how to format Sony VAIO laptop Windows 8 without CD with you.


Method 1: Format Sony VAIO with VAIO Care

Step 1: Click the Windows “Start” button and select “All Programs.” Open the “VAIO Care” folder and select “VAIO Care.”
Step 2: Expand “Recovery & Restore.” Click “Recovery” from the left pane and choose “Recover Computer” from the options.
Step 3: Click “Yes,” when prompted, to restart the VAIO and boot to the recovery partition.
Step 4: Choose “Yes, I’d Like to Start Rescue Now.”
Step 5:Follow the on-screen prompts to back up your data; otherwise, click “Skip Rescue.”
Step 6: Click “Factory Condition” to reformat the hard drive and restore the VAIO to its factory default state, or click “Custom Recovery – Remove Recovery Contents,” “Custom Recovery – Resize C: and Create D: Drive” or “Custom Recovery – C: Drive Only.” Click “Next.”
Step 7: Review your selections and click “Yes, I’m Sure” to proceed. Click “Start Recovery” to reformat the VAIO.
Step 8: Click “Restart” when the process completes.

Method 2: Format Sony VAIO with VAIO Recovery Center

Step 1: Click the Windows “Start” button and select “Help and Support.” Select “Backup & Recovery” from the options.
Step 2: Click “Launch VAIO Recovery Center” and select “Restore C: Drive” from under Choose a Program.
Step 3: Click “Start.” Select “Skip” and click “Next.” Select “I Understand” when the warning message appears.
Step 4: Click “Start” to reformat the Sony VAIO and restore the computer to its original state. Click “Finish” to restart the computer.