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7 Factors for Windows 8 Bad Sale

Since Windows 8 was released on October 26, 2012, it has been six months till now. It isn’t growing as quickly as some would have hoped. According to the data from Net Applications, Windows 8 market share is in a sluggish development.

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The fact that Windows 8 has bad sales is indisputable. This situation poses a bit of a problem to Microsoft. Have you ever analyzed the reason? A wide variety of factors has affected the sale of Windows 8. The following 7 factors hinder sales of Windows 8.

1. Safety Issues
Although Microsoft has repeatedly method that Windows 8 is the most secure version OS by far, consumers and business users still remain skeptical. So when comes to safety, Windows 8 is still difficult to attract most users, especially business users. For them, safety is the most important which should be taken the first place.

2. Bad Tablet PC Experience
Since Microsoft introduced Surface Tablet, this Tablet PC has been the judge of Windows 8 standard. What is worse, Surface Tablet provides a lower level of experience which has made Windows 8 in trouble.

3. Continued Popularity on Cougars
With Mac OS “Cougar” launch, it is difficult to be successful in this market for Windows 8. In other words, Mac OS “Cougar” has been Microsoft’s main competitors and deal a blow to it. So from this, we can see that the strong pressure on Windows 8.

4. The Decline Trend on Desktop Computers Sale
It is true that desktop computer will be eliminated. Now the shipments of the desktop computer have a significant declined rate, while laptops and Tablet PCs are very popular among PC users. The sharp decline in desktop computers sale has been a fatal factor to Windows 8 bad sale.

5. Business Don’t Need to Upgrade
Generally speaking, Business need time to determine whether a particular product is ideal for its future. It is no exception on Windows 8. For them, it is no need for them to be so eager to upgrade to the latest and the best products. As windows 8 may encounter some problems in one day.

6. Windows 7
Windows 7 is a very popular OS. In fact, Windows 7 is the most popular products for Microsoft in the software life cycle. Has the popularity on Windows 7 been effected the sale of Windows 8? Indeed, Windows 8 is a better operating system. However, for many people, this is not important. This just like several years ago when Microsoft launched Windows 7, many users of the homes and businesses still use Windows XP and need a long time to upgrade to Windows 7. Though Windows 8 is good, PC users favor Windows 7 and need time to upgrade it and get used to it.

7. An Ugly, Useless Interface on Metro, aka Modern
When comes to the interface of Metro, it is ugly and useless on the desktop. It requires us to learn a totally new way to operate which entirely different from everything we have ever learned about Windows. Well, you can use a more traditional Windows interface. But Microsoft had just kept the Windows 7 Aero interface for the desktop version of Windows 8 and give up this idea that the Metro touch-friendly interface is for every device.

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Windows 8 Release Date News

Windows 8 will be released on October 26, 2012.

Microsoft Windows 8 is a major overhaul, with a new Start screen optimized for touch screens and an app store for tablet-friendly “Metro-style” programs. The Consumer Preview for Windows 8 is still available for anyone who wants to give it a try, or you can read up on PCWorld’s impressions.

Keith Lorizio, Micosoft’s U.S. marketing and sales vice president , desires Windows 8 for you to host a lot more than a hundred,thousand applications through the first few months of the operating system’s launch.

In an interview with Beet.TV, Lorizio said that, “Every publisher who adds an app into the porfolio of apps we have in the marketplace…we will work with them in order to execute a deal so they can take a share of the revenue for the ads that we sell on to the network, and the same ads will appear across the network of advertisers, and the most unique thing…will be a common look and feel.”

Through incentivising software design around the platform, Microsoft expectations to draw in four hundred thousand Windows 8 customers by simply July 2013.

Windows 8’s brand-new app-structured environment shifts some of the accountability of the company’s servicing  to the viewers, that must definitely upload new content for that System’s industry to prosper. Lorizio is well aware of this specific newly found energetic. “Together with Windows 8, it isn’t just regarding pivoting close to productiveness, which in turn every Windows launch may be recognized for –now we’ll pin off of the customer.”

If the Operating system officially launches, Mircosoft offer a reduced $14.99 upgrade charge regarding customers whom obtained a Windows PC upon June 2th, 2012 or after. The promotion ends in  January 31th, 2013.  If you’re certainly not elegible for the signal, you can be in a position to get a lower edition in the Operating-system for $39 relating to the previously mentioned times. The final retail price of Windows 8 after this “early adopter” interval remains surprise.

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Some Windows 8 Features You May Know

As we all know, the Microsoft Corporation is releasing its new operating system — Windows 8 on 26th October, 2012 worldwide. This could be an excellent show for the windows fan on the Windows 8 release date.

I remembered that last time when Microsoft published its Windows 7, many people gave praise to it and agreed that windows 7 system is better than Windows XP. With the development of society and technology, maybe some persons still use the old Windows XP operating system, but it can’t stop the update of Microsoft. Microsoft hasn’t even released their new Windows software, but it is already getting a lot of heat from analysts and customers waiting for Windows 8 tablets.

According to ComputerWorld, the users are five times less likely to run the new operating system than they were Win 7. However analysts do not trust this will occur. Anyway, there are a lot of features you may know about Windows 8 because it stands for the newest and best work of Microsoft so far. Therefore, I list some of Windows 8 features you may not know about Windows 8 here, and actually nearly all of them are collected from the Internet.

1. Improved Battery Backup and Fast Startup
Windows 8 powered PCs are designed to boot up very fast as compared to any other OS and even you can manage your startups by opening task manager in Windows 8. Better Power management in Windows 8 allows it to consume very less power as compared to earlier version of Windows, it provides more battery backup and keeps you up for more time.

2. Easy Windows 8 Updates
Windows 8 is designed to receive updates just like any other mobile OS have. You can update your Tablet just by getting connected to Wi-Fi network. The new updates will bring OS updates, app update, and new features directly to your Windows 8 device.

3. Windows Store Apps
The Windows 8 metro apps work just like the mobile apps but with full computer software functionalities. Right now Microsoft has bundled 11 apps with Windows 8 RTM which actually brings all your social web, maps, mail and news requirements right on your device desktop.

4. File Explorer
It is formally known as Windows Explorer, now includes a ribbon. File operation dialogs have been updated to provide more detailed statistics, the ability to pause file transfers, and improvements in the ability to manage conflicts when copying files. You can now do more with your files in Windows 8.

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