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How to Unlock Dell Inspiron Default Password Windows 10

Forgot Dell administrator password? Ever been locked out of Dell BIOS or even Windows? Need to reset the Hard Drive password set on your Dell computer? There are many users asking help for password recovery on Dell laptop/desktop computers, but we can’t find a comprehensive or ultimate tricks on such topic. In this article we’ll cover all possible password problems you may experience with Dell computer, mainly about how to unlock Dell Inspiron default password Windows 10.

Sometimes, if you forgot Dell Windows administrator or user password, things can get tricky. Aside from using a previously created password reset disk to change your password to a new one, there is no Windows-provided way to help you bypass or remove password on Windows 7, 10, 8, Vista, XP, 2000, Server 2008, 2003.


Luckily that’s no longer the case, and today we’ll take a look at Windows Password Key software, an easy-to-use and reliable program that can easily override and unlock the forgotten Dell Windows Admin password in minutes, and blank or delete the user account. What is more, it enables you to create a new Administrator account.

Now you will see how to use Windows Password Key to unlock Dell Windows 10 computer login password as below in details.

Step1 : Create Dell Windows password reset disk
Launch the program, you’ll be greeted with a wizard that gives you basic information about how it works.

Simply insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive into optical drive, then click the “CD/DVD” or “USB Device” button to create a password reset disc to Windows 7. The burning process could take about one minute to complete. When the burning is complete, pop the system repair disc into the locked computer.

Step 2: Configure BIOS Setup to boot from the disc
Simply restart your computer, press F2, F10 or Delete key to enter BIOS Setup as soon as you see the message “…enter SETUP”. Note that the key pressed to enter BIOS may be different based on different manufacturers, but F2, F10 or Delete are the most common used keys.

Step 3: Start resetting Dell Windows Password
After saving the settings in the step 2, it will automatically boot your locked computer from the disc, then you should eventually see the screen below.

Now, simply choose target user account you want to reset password for, and click “Reset” button to start resetting your Dell Windows password including Windows 10/8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.