Bypass Windows 8 Password If You Can’t Login Anymore

“I can’t log in to Windows 8 on my computer. I’ve tried every password combination I use for any of my accounts and it wouldn’t let me in. How to bypass Windows 8 password and I can get past the win 8 login screen?”

Forgot Windows 8 password on your computer and you locked out of PC? What is worst, you have some important data save in this win 8 computer and can’t afford to to lose. In this situation, you can’t do a fresh install OS. The only feasible option is to use a bootable CD or USB to boot off your computer and bypass password Windows 8.

bypass windows 8 password

How to Bypass Windows 8 Password without any Data Loss?

Windows Password Recovery Tool is one of the more effective password bypass tools, and it can be used to bypass almost any Windows password.

Now let’s wait and watch how this Windows 8 password bypass tool operates:

First download Windows Password Recovery Tool from  and burn it to CD /DVD or USB Memory Stick, then totally bypass windows 8 password using the CD /DVD or USB Memory Stick. Run Windows Password Recovery Tool on any computer you can get(Not the locked one).

I. Burn Windows Password Recovery Tool to Compact disc/DVD/USB.
(1) Open Windows Password Recovery Tool and select a device to lose to.
(2) Click “Burn” button to begin burning. Burning effectively completed, click OK.
(3) Totally bypass forgotten windows 8 password or create new account without login.

Place the Compact disc/DVD or USB Memory Stick and reboot your locked win 8 computer. Alter the PC’s setting as well in the Compact disc/DVD or USB. And you will begin to see the interface of Windows Password Recovery Tool.

II: Bypass forgotten or lost windows 8 Password
1. Click a person account for example administrator from list, then click “Totally reset password” after which click “Yes”.
2. Windows 8 user or administrator password is going to be effectively removed instantly. You can now click “Reboot” to restart your pc and login windows 8 without password.

So, in this way you can bypass password Windows 8 (like this )at times when you forget it so that you don’t need to re-install your OS for any reason. It also works on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2012/2008/2003/2000 password.

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